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четверг, 16 декабря 2010 г.

New STALINGRAD set - Red Army anti-tank team, 1943-45

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First crew member is armed with automatic anti-tank PTRS rifle. Number two has PTR ammunition bag and PPSh machine-gun. Infantrymen wear uniform, which was in use from the beginning of 1943 until the end of the war.
Anti-tank guns were mass-produced and cheap RKKA infantry weapon during all war: starting from autumn 1941 and until the very end. PTR's were very efficient against light-armoured targets, like AFV's and were able to hit also light and medium tanks from short distances. During the second part of the war, when Red Army offensed, PTR were actively used against weapon emplacements of the defending German forces - anti-armour PTR bullet easy went through emplacement armour plates, wooden and brick walls.

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