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среда, 2 марта 2011 г.

New BRAVO6 sets - 35024, 35035, 35040.

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B6-35024 U.S. NAVY SEALS (3) Vietnam

The 35024 set consists of two figures of elite force U.S. Navy SEALs. Machine gunner carries a wounded comrade on his shoulders. Set shows well  a variety of uniorms (“tiger stripes”,ERDL, blue jeans, floatation vests), footwear (jungle boots,swimming coral shoes), weapons (chopper M60 version and XM-148) and headgear (camo beret and bandana) used  by Navy SEALs.  Kit can be used both separately and together with BRAVO-6 sets 35023 and 35034

B6-35035 USMC CORPSMAN &WIA. Tet 68
Set 35035 consists of two figures: US Navy corps-man and wounded afro-American grunt. Both are dressed in standard tropical uniforms. Two versions of the M1955 flak jacket are represented, figures are wearing jungle boots. Highly detailed small equipment items such as bandoleer, ammo pouches, water canteens and M3 medical bag are included. The kit also includes two M1 helmets, two M16 rifles and an additional closed M3 bag.

B6-35040 U.S. ARMY Special Forces Officer NAM
The “Green Berets” are the Elite force of the US Army. One of their main tasks is counter-insurgency and coordinating local irregular defence groups. In Vietnam, the Green Berets worked mainly with Montagnard tribes in rural areas. Montagnard is a French term meaning 'people from the mountain(s)'.
SF figure wears 1st pattern tropical uniform, 2nd pattern jungle boots and the famous headgear. Often Green Berets were seen wearing Montagnard bracelets.

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